Tuesday 4 October 2011

Tuesday Ten

Ten Pieces of Trapped Whinge

1. Why is time passing so rapidly? It's only two weeks until half term and I haven't done anything impressive at school yet!
2. It's been too hot to wear my new winter coat.
3. My foot muscle really hurts. I blame the sponsored walk.
4. Why am I so tired all the time? WHY?
5. Tomorrow I have to be nomadic and teach my lessons in four different classrooms because of bloody careers. Sigh.
6. I'm never going to get round to going to B&Q for paint samples and we're going to be living without heating for the next seven years.
7. Why don't I have enough time for all my hobbies? Hmm?
8. My bum hurts because spinning NEVER seems to get any easier.
9. I still haven't got round to writing about my adventures in Australia fully.
10. Words With Friends may work on my HTC but it's a battery hog and it doesn't recognise all the words on the two letter word list. My game is severely weakened: I am only currently winning against four opponents.

On the positive side, I managed to bag a pair of skis for £15 at a Salvation Army shop last week, I finished the sponsored walk quicker than last year, my revision guide proposal was approved and I'm going skiing in two and a half weeks, so I suppose I shouldn't complain really.

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