Sunday 25 September 2011

Bento: week 2/3

I didn't post about my Bento adventures last week, and this week I sort of lost it a little bit: things like late governors' meetings and birthday meals out rather got in the way. But rest assured, I am still experimenting.

Some highlights:
  • Risotto onigiri with a little piece of goat cheese in the centre
  • Bubble and squeak with a side of home made chutney
  • Onirigi made with rice cooked with vegetables - Mr Z's latest experiment
  • A silicone cupcake holder filled with yogurt - the perfect amount, and a positive because I worry about not getting enough calcium (I don't drink milk or take it in hot drinks)
  • Sachets of miso soup
  • Sliced figs - taste much better when they are not served chilled
  • In the sauce pots: a Rolo, and 4 jelly snakes. Perfect.
The whole thing is still really making me think about portion control, which is definitely what I need to work on. I would never have thought a cupcake caseful of yogurt was a reasonable amount, for example, or been able to make a packet of Rolos last 2 weeks. I've made an effort to buy more fruit and vegetables, too.

I have also found out a few things about ONOs: namely, that my favourite combination is tinned pears in fruit juice and chocolate soy milk. The green grocer is still geting British strawberries, so I've been mostly relying on those in combination with other fruit like kiwi or banana. I'm going to start looking at tinned and frozen fruit more as it gets colder, I think.

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