Tuesday 20 September 2011

Tuesday Ten

Ten Reasons To Be Cheerful

1. This time in five weeks, I will be skiing on a glacier in Austria.
2. Apple crumble with apples scrumped from my personal trainer. Oh, delicious, delicious irony.
3. Teaching my own tutor group is FUN. Today we made a human pyramid to demonstrate the feudal system.
4. Educating Essex looks like it's going to be really funny.
5. I'm going out to dinner in Bath tomorrow night.
6. Did I mention I'm going skiing in less than five weeks? And then I'll be a qualified ski instructor (sort of) (hopefully)?
7. I've knitted the back of the second ski balaclava (the Rara) and it has a lovely pink intarsia flower on it, which turned out really nicely.
8. Governors tonight was finished before 9pm (absolutely unheard of).
9. I'm half watching some TV program where Robson Green just got stung by a jelly fish and chased by a crab. This, I feel, is karmic retribution for that bilge he released under the label of "music".
10. My new school mug, a present from some ski trip buddies. It is a Scrabble mug! It has an S on it, and a double word score tile painted on the bottom, and a letter distribution chart. I love it.

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