Monday 12 September 2011

Weekend FO

I present: The Jonty

Fashion never sleeps, though Mr Z does occasionally.

Pattern: Antifreeze from Knitty
Yarn: King Cole Merino Blend DK, about 2 balls
Needle: Various, from 3.25mm to 4mm
Mods: Many, and varied. I knitted a longer chin bit. It took less rows to reach 7 inches for the face hole, so I had to change the number of stitches picked up and that sorted of cascaded into other changes. I went down needle sizes for the face hole, and then did an icord bind off instead of crocheting. I don't crochet. Full details of my mods are on the Ravelry project page.

I have made this before, which is one of the reasons why I messed with the pattern so much, but I think I should have taken into consideration the 4ish years of knitting experience between my first attempt at this one, and I also should have checked gauge. It's kind of long. It wrinkles at the back of my neck. Luckily, it's for Jonty, who does not have the sort of squat, thick neck I sport, so perhaps it will be OK. In any case, it matches his ski jacket which is black with blue trim.

I am making one of these for all the ski tripper teachers, so another 4 to go. I found this a bit daunting until I managed to finish this one in less than a week. It would have been quicker if I hadn't quailed at the thought of picking up stitches knitted with black yarn.

Now I've started the second one and I am already bored with the ribbing so I don't expect it to go as quickly - but I've officially got until April. I'd prefer to finish them by Christmas so I can hand them out then; half the teachers are accompanying me on a ski holiday to France over New Year, and I think a balaclava will be more use in the frozen conditions of December than the sub-tropical ones we usually experience in April.

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