Wednesday 7 September 2011

Wednesday Beauty: Australia Special

I was on the prowl for a couple of Australian goodies during my recent holiday.

Firstly this

Lucas' Papaw Ointment is featured in many glossy magazines and lists of wonder products. I bought a tube of it for a fraction of the price it costs in this country. It is not what I expected. It has roughly the texture of Vaseline though it smells much nicer and has an a bit of a tingly thing going on, especially when used on lips. During my sojourn in the Red Centre, I found myself without lip balm and slathered this on instead, but it's a bit of an exfoliant thanks to all that papaya so it probably wasn't the best idea. However, it worked magic on the hard skin/blisters from the walking, and I used it on my scaly ankles on the plane home and it sorted those right out too. I will definitely be replacing it when it runs out.

Secondly these

I cannot remember where I heard of Inecto Coconut Milk Wipes. I can remember seeking an online vendor of them, and being disappointed to find they were only available shipped from Aus and accompanied by enormous shipping charges, and finally giving up on the idea. So I was really please so find them sold all over the place in Aus, and very impressed with them, and consequently overjoyed to find they are now easily purchasable in this country.

I am not a regular user of wipes on my face because (a) I prefer a wash off cleanser and (b) my cheeks can be a bit sensitive, but these are very moisturising and gentle. They are gentler than my usual facial wipe of choice, the Good Things fruity one, and they were very helpful in taking the sting out of the sun burn I accidentally picked up during a walk around Cape Tribulation. Coconut is one of my favourite scents, so the product already gained points for that, but the formulation's the important bit, and I'd say this is a win.

I do like a good rummage in the chemist while I'm on holiday. It's second only to an hour spent wandering around a supermarket.

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