Tuesday 6 September 2011

Tuesday Ten

Ten Things I am Currently Loving

1. Inside Nature's Giants. Tonight: the cassowary. Amazing.

2. My shoulders. Kettle bells work - who knew?

3. Having a tidy work desk. It won't last, but it's nice that there's nothing much on it at the moment. I think Ian is worried I've been taken by the body snatchers and replaced by someone who actually cares about being neat.

4. Knitting. I'm defo back into it. I have three-quarters finished a ski mask since Saturday.

5. Wearing boots again. Winter's coming. It's pouring with rain outside, and it won't be long before I get to wear my brand new winter coat.

6. Overnight oats - breakfast of champions.

7. Being able to do easy little things that make people really happy. Today I took one of my ski buddies a cup of coffee, knowing he had a 5 lesson day and a break duty. He was so pleased I feared he was going to kiss me.

8. Meeting new classes. So full of promise! No grudges!

9. Spinning, again. I've got my trusty spinning bruise back on my inner thigh, from the saddle. I have been hobbling. It's definitely working.

10. BENTO! So much fun!

1 comment:

Burhan Ali said...

Inside Nature's Giants is amazing. We know that most vertebrates have superficially the same body structure, but it's fascinating to see all the actual variations. Joy also has such passion for the task.