Saturday 22 October 2011

It's ski time again!

So early in the season this year! Luckily we are going to the Stubai Glacier, in Austria, which had two feet of snowfall this week and is currently at a depth of 80cm. So, plenty of snow - but undoubtedly plenty of chilly wind; I am nervous that I don't have enough warm clothes. I can always buy more clothes, though.

I feel like I've reached kind of a pinnacle of travel this year, as this will be my 6th foreign trip since January, and my third time skiing, with one more ski trip to go, at New Year. And people wonder why I don't want children!

Here are some webcams for where we're skiing in case you want to spend your time poring over them, looking for me. I ski in a pale pink jacket and a red helmet. I may be the one crying because I can barely manage six hours of skiing a day; but having done a first aid course with the leader of the ski course over the last two days, I am less worried about it than I was.

Leaving in 25 minutes for my shopping trip to terminal 5...oh yes, and then the flight! Back in a week. Don't tell me to break a leg.

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