Tuesday 1 November 2011

Tuesday Ten

Ten Happy Things From My Life

1. Fantastic inversion from the top of the Stubai Glacier last week - it's just over 3000m (and watching all the jumpers go through the snowpark was a lot of fun too!)

2. My hotel room had a bath! I thought everyone's did, but upon further investigation, discovered I was the only one so blessed. I think I had three baths in the week we were there. Fab for the old achey muscles.

3. Neustift, the town where we stayed, looked very beautiful, particularly as the sun was setting.

4. I made it through the whole week without having to wimp out! Definitely fit enough to cope with the skiing, passed navigation and leadership with flying colours, scored 94% on the mountain hazards paper....unfortunately my skiing wasn't quite confident enough. So, I got a deferred pass, and that means I have to do more skiing. What a pity! - and then do a one day reassessment in spring, somewhere in the UK. Perfectly happy with that, considering I was afraid I wouldn't get through the first day.

5. There are now ten ducks on the school pond! I walk past them every morning and it makes me super-cheerful.

6. I am well on the way to writing my first official textbook. Chapter topics and planning done...now just the content.

7. On Monday I have an exam board meeting in Bristol that doesn't start until 9.45am. LIE. IN. And then a bit of afternoon shopping round Cabot, FTW.

8. The fact that November is stretched out in front of me, devoid of a trip to Malaysia. This might sound a bit weird, but since the past two Novembers have been a frantic whirlwind of paperwork, setting cover, avoiding mosquitoes and recovering from jetlag, this feels like a bit of a luxury.

9. I got it right with the trick-or-treater. I use the singular, because we had only one, and she was halfway down the path by the time I managed to answer the door. I duly gave her a bag of iced gems, which I had selected for a change. Her eyes went big. "OOOOHH, my FAVOURITE!" she exclaimed. This may have beena ruse, since I nearly gave her another bag for being so grateful; but it was nice, nevertheless.

10. This great video!

It's November, so I am going to be attempting to post daily. I am suffering a crisis of confidence and think I am getting a bit dull, so don't feel you have to read it all.

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