Tuesday 15 November 2011

Tuesday Ten

Ten links that I have liked

(This post is ANCIENT. I started writing it 18 months ago and only just found it again. So, some of the links are a little old now. But still cool.)

1. Whales hunting squid
2. Darfur in the rainy season - well, lots of Darfur pictures. The rainy season one was my favourite.
3. Plastic ship - must go and see how he got on!
4. Yosemite Nature Notes - Wildflowers - a video. Beautiful flowers!
5. Northern Lights
6. Freestyle skiing at the winter Olympics - endless time suck!
7. BBC drops climate change episode of Frozen Planet for overseas market - this series is just amazing, and having one less episode is their loss
8. Ten Rules for Fat Girls - some excellent advice here for the more corpulent among us
9. Pink Gin Marmalade
10. Tim Minchin singing White Wine In The Sun. He sang this live on Radio 1 on the drive home yesterday and I was really taken with it.

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