Saturday 19 November 2011

Weeknote: 19/11

My life has been as dull as the weather this week. Sorry.

More Christmas tree cone. I need to wind my second skein of Cascade now and start in with a new colour. I am studiously ignoring the cow print balaclava in the mistaken hope that it will get easier the longer I leave it.

Going to:
Work, leisure centre, home, repeat. No time for socialising this week. Though I did have lunch at Jamie's in Bath today with some of the ladies of the Lushies forum and, as you read this post (assuming you do so on a Saturday evening) I will be driving to Redditch to see Granny Hand. I am embarrassed to say I cannot remember the last time I saw her. She doesn't live far away, but I am lazy and anyway, she's on Facebook. She's 87 next month. I use her as an example when the technophobes at work try and claim they're too old.

The usualy stuff. The chutney I made in September has finally matured, and I have been enjoying the spiced apple with walnuts version alongside my chicken for lunch this week. Very tasty, and the walnuts give it an interesting crunch.
I have also become reacquainted with Wispa Golds, following their re-release as the official snack of our Olympic team. I don't think that's going to help our medal chances.

About Commoncraft. My colleague Tony, who pipped me to the title of Geekiest Teacher in last year's leavers' book (something for which I have yet to forgive him), told me about it in a little chat we managed to shoehorn into the workday on Tuesday and I immediately put it into practice, with very positive results.
I love it and now want to do it all the time, with all my classes. Forget writing. This is way funner. I realise I am currently writing and therefore that's a bit ironic. Perhaps next week's Weeknote will be created in Commoncraft.

Obsessed with:
Trying to think of a new way to present the material contained in the last six pages of my book. It's about the conflict between the US government and the Plains Indians. I am not satisfied with any of the textbook spreads on it: they're all too wordy; but how do you do justice to the topic without being wordy? And then there's the added pressure of trying to write a fair account.

Entertained by:
I hoped, the new series of Grey's Anatomy, but I haven't got round to watching any of it yet. SO. BUSY. I am really loving Frozen Planet, though, which I am watching on Sunday nights because, as Parpy Jo pointed out, it is essential Sunday viewing, even if it's on on a Wednesday. Crabby said it's the sort of programme that makes you think, "Yep, that's why I pay my licence fee" and I'd have to agree (though Mr Z pays the licence fee, but it's the same general idea).
I'm also reading Dissolution by C.J.Sansom and really enjoying it. More historical fiction. I am reaching the end now and am convinced I know whodunnit.
Finally, I love this song this week. I pretty much love everything Calvin Harris does, but this is such a cheery song.

The black dog is upon me. Hoping I can shake the mood next week. I need to, really, or I'll never be motivated to get my first draft finished. It's so hard to work when I'm feeling all blergh.

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Rose said...

I love 'Wispa Golds [...] not sure it'll help our medal chances]" - brilliant understatement.

I too am loving Frozen Planet and know just what you mean about it being perfect Sunday night TV (and well worth the licence fee).