Tuesday 8 November 2011

Tuesday Ten

Ten Reasons Why I Like Lady Gaga's song, You and I
(Yes, I do feel I have to justify it, not previously having been Gaga's biggest fan)

1. Nobody else seems to (at least not in the UK).
2. Due to (1), it hasn't been massively overplayed on the radio, like every other Gaga hit.
3. I'm a little bit country.
4. It's a good slow beat and I reckon it would be good for doing sit ups to.
5. I never would have known it was Gaga if I hadn't been looking it up. In fact, I thought it was Shania Twain. The first time I heard it on the radio, the DJ said it was Shania Twain: hence my confusion.
6. Brian May did the guitar. This man is a good judge of music. I don't want to disagree with him.
7. I like how she said she drank some whiskey, smoked some cigarettes and then just laid the track down in one go.
8. Perhaps due to (7), it is pitched low enough that I can proper belt it out in the car on the way home and not make myself wince with all the missed notes.
9. This is me overthinking it. I really like that she wrote a song completely out of her usual style* for her boyfriend, though I realise he is not her boyfriend now. Still: she wrote it, and recorded it, and then released it, though surely her record label must have realised it would sail right past her usual market and into oblivion? I know it did better in other countries, but it's hardly Born This Way. She did that for him. He must have meant a lot to her.
10. That last part really comes across for me in the song, and I'm a bit of a romantic sometimes, so it gets me that way too.

* My disclaimer here is that I don't own any Gaga albums and am therefore only familiar with what she releases as a single.

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