Wednesday 30 November 2011

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt: November

1. Inspiration

When I visited Nanny Hand last weekend she had some pictures of her wedding on the mantelpiece, which I had never seen before. This was (I think) 1949. This picture is inspiring for me in several ways.
Firstly, my grandparents had an amazing relationship that lasted from their early teens until he passed away at the age of 79. Definitely something to aspire to.
Secondly, I love the style! I love the sweetheart neckline and the peeptoe shoes, and the headpiece.
Finally, when I told Nanny Hand I liked the headpiece she told me somebody leant it to her and she didn't much care for it. This inspires me to let go of the fact I didn't like the shoes I wore for my own wedding. In 50 years, somebody might be picking them out as their favourite feature in the pictures.

2. Something I made

Here are all my yule tree cones so far.

They need felting, but I'm waiting until I have enough for three trees before I felt, so they all felt the same amount.

3. Motif: Stripes

Inspired by a post I read about boot socks, I have been rocking this look lately.

I bought three pairs of these stripey over-the-knee socks from a supermarket years ago, but always felt a bit too self-conscious to wear them. However, I am not loving tights this year for some reason and I still don't own a pair of work-appropriate trousers, so I was encouraged to try something new. To good effect, too, it seems - I wore a red/black pair last week to school and one of the gobbier year 11s said, "Miss, I like your socks" as I walked past. I replied with a sardonic thanks and a raised eyebrow, but she said, "I'm being serious!" And then her friend said, "Oh yes look, they sort of match your red and white stripey top!" Yes, it's almost like I planned my outfit...

I've always been a spots girl but stripes are slowly creeping into my wardrobe and I am becoming more and more fond of them.

4. Comfort

When it's cold, this is my favourite snug thing to wear.

The Central Park Hoody. This was the first garment I ever knitted. The sleeves are ever so slightly long and it is super warm and has a hood, so it's perfect for chilly days or for wrapping up at home. When I eventually got round to adding the button band (this took, no word of a lie, 2 and a half years) I put buttons right up into the hood, so I can button it up over my chin. This is just comfort in a sweater. I can't believe the designer didn't intend for there to be buttons on it: it's way better with the buttons.

5. Texture

I took this picture at the Great Ocean Road. I was rather taken with the different
textures in this rock. It had a twin which was missing its yellow sandstone top - evidently worn away by the crashing waves. There were round rocks and layers of rock and jagged rocks, and some very interesting weathering patterns. The 12 Apostles might have been more spectacular, but they didn't have the textural interest this rock had.

If you'd like to play, or see anybody else's pictures, please pop over to see Emma at the Gift Shed.

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