Saturday 26 November 2011

Weeknote: 26/11

This week I have been mostly...

More yule cones. I have almost enough for two trees now. I also have a list of things I want to knit for Christmas that is growing every day.

Going to:
Work, gym, home, repeat. Oh, I had a governors' meeting on Monday. SCORE.
Fate has conspired against me this week. I have had three sets of plans cancelled due to illness (thankfully not mine) - I reckon it's a sign that I must finish the book, or never be allowed out again.

Endlessly, chicken breast, green vegetables. With a Wispa Gold thrown in for good measure. I am feeling decidedly lumpy so the Bento has been a rather plain affair lately. Jenny the PT told me to swap some of the fruit in my lunches for veg. I can't say I love it, but then she can't agree that cherry tomatoes count as a fruit, so I guess we're even. It does seem to be working.

About Blabberize. Looks like a lot of fun - I feel a new swathe of homeworks coming on.

To check the state of my car before taking it to the garage. It needed some repairs after a small accident Mr Z had in it in August (totally not his fault) and so I took it in on Wednesday. In return I got a Clio, which felt like driving a tank by comparison. Anyway, I picked the Kia up again this morning, and after parking it to go shopping, I noticed there was a clearly visible and very poor sketch of a penis on the floor of the back seat. It was a note I confiscated from a child and then absent-mindedly wrote on the back of. Oh, teh shame. I did warn them it was full of rubbish when I dropped it off, but that might be stretching the point a bit.

Obsessed with:
Plotting Christmas presents. I am not usually a big present buyer, but I have been having some thoughts this year and I think it might actually be early enough to do something about it.
I might actually send CHRISTMAS CARDS this year. I feel excited. I think perhaps the Malaysia trip drained any energy I had to put in to Christmas prep for the last two years.

Entertained by:
I must admit to listening to a bit of Radio 4 this week. I caught the Book Show on Thursday afternoon and have bought a collection of short stories by Sarah Hall as a result. I'm still merrily ploughing through Shardlake the second, but I like to have options.

I've also been listening to Paul Simon's Graceland album a lot this week. Someone reminded me of it and when I downloaded it, I realised I remembered a lot more of the songs than I would have guessed from the track listing. This must have been one of those looped-play casettes we had in the car for long journies. I'm guessing Father Hand's choice.

Definitely more cheerful this week. Washing my pillow has helped me to sleep better: I think I am allergic to dust mites or something, because pillows always become an instrument of torture after a few months. It's not fun sneezing 17 times whilst trying to accurately and safely navigate the two-laned road up Tog Hill directly into the rising sun. It's like driving whilst being devoid of all senses. I can't recommend it.
So, a bit more sleep, and a bit more cheerful. And a bit closer to being finished with the book, and all done with KS3 assessments until the end of the year at least.

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