Sunday 27 November 2011

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt: September (yes, I know it's November)

So. These were topics from SEPTEMBER. I got a little caught up in the business of life and forgot, but I had already created the post and rediscovered it when, in my slightly OCD way, I was going through my posts list checking for unpublished posts. And, since I had already picked things for all the topics and found some of the pictures, I decided I should finish it up.

1. Inspiration

Cheating a bit here - I'm not my own inspiration (well...sometimes I am but it feels a bit self-indulgent to use it in this context!); this picture was taken by Cara at the Harvey Nichols fashion show we went to with Phillipa in the middle of the month. Another aside here: I have realised I now just refer to my friends by their names, instead of explaining who they are each time. I wonder if this encourages people to read back, or puts them off coming back?

Anyway. The fashion show was very inspiring. Of course it was stuffed with clothes I couldn't even afford to dry clean, but it was full of ideas, especially on how to put an outfit together. We were all provided with a little notebook with the full outfit listings in it, and a Harvey Nics pencil to make notes. My notebook left full of sketches and notes about what I'd particularly liked. It made me think about my knitting and how I could play with texture a bit more. In my copious free time.

2. Something I have made

I really like this picture! This was the first of a series of five balaclavas I am knitting for my endlessly patient fellow ski trip staff. I am trying to forget that the ski teacher on my course said it was a bad idea to wear balaclavas with helmets because it might stop them fitting properly....

3. Motifs: Florals

I love the hibiscus, in spite of its overuse among various surfer chick brands. I currently have this decal on my phone, for example (what I especially love about these decals is that they come with the matching phone background). I was looking at the hibiscus a lot in September because I used it as a motif for balaclava number two.

4. Crafts on the go

Here is a selection of my project bags. The brown is Della Q via Jimmy Beans; the red and white spotty is Stitchy McYarnpants via Etsy (this is actually the inside of the bag, the reverse being a print of a burlesque woman with a red feather boa, but since it is a white background and would get dirty before I got out of the house, I use it inside out); the others are Baggus I picked up at Purl Soho when I visited in May.

5. Vintage

I was spoilt for vintage this month!

Needle case Kath bought me for my birthday. It's awesome - it has a twisty lid with a hole in it so you can select the right needle size.

Buckle Kath bought me at the Shepton mallet antiques fair. There is a trend here: can you spot it? I love a good piece of vintage haberdashery and this is just crying out to adorn a lovely soft white knitted headband, in the style of those all the cool kids are wearing this winter.

And this little haul was from Katy at Creating Misericordia. I won her draw from a Weekword she did and unwrapping this was so much fun! It was like a little treasure trove without a bottom. I think my favourite thing was the darner. I have no idea what to do with it but it looks really cool! Thanks Katy!

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That vintage needle case is lovely!