Thursday 3 November 2011

Monthly Goals for November

I am surprised, looking back, that it has been a year since I set myself any monthly goals. I enjoyed doing them and reviewing them, so I'm not quite sure why I stopped; except that I stopped in December and that time last year was when I worked something stupid like 26 days without a day off, so I might give myself a break.

Here are my goals for this month.
  • Send out letters to parents that I usually send in term 1.
  • Analyse the Y7 data and identify the key group for which I'm responsible.
  • Write a development plan.
  • Review and set performance management targets.
  • Distribute new technologies questionnaire to staff.
  • Try three new recipes from my baking book, one involving yeast.
  • Finish knitting Louzle's ski mask.
  • Work methodically through the chapters of this text book I'm writing.
  • Read a book.
That's probably enough to be going on with....

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