Wednesday 23 November 2011

Today I wish I was...

...the proud owner of this sofa.

Not in leather, though (and it only comes in leather, so this really is a dream). And not in white. And not with that man, thanks anyway.

If I was the proud owner of this sofa, I would celebrate by having a Harry Potter marathon, knitting a load of Christmas Tree cones and drinking winter Pimms and winter warmer apple juice from a mug placed in the handy cup holders. And every time I was sleepy, I could just roll onto the bed bit and pull a big thick duvet over me and have a nap.

Mr Z and I have been looking for new sofas. I'm afraid this one might overpower our average sized living room. It does look amazing, though.

(No what-if today - I had inspiration but was in bed before I realised I hadn't posted yet today and it's too late to begin ruminating now!)

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