Sunday 21 October 2012

A little Sunday randomness

I came across this infographic when somebody posted the link on Facebook. It is beautifully put together and quite a revelation into which supplements are evidenced and which are not. Evening Primrose, for example, is right at the bottom but I've been looking at adverts in ladies' magazines for this for years; meanwhile Aloe Vera is somewhere in the middle when, from the reading I've done, there is no evidence to substantiate claims it is good for you. Some things I have never heard of!

Anyway, just a little something for amusement's sake. I am making a copy here, in case that link ever goes dead (though by then presumably the evidence will have changed) but please go and look at the real thing. Not least because you might actually be able to read it there.

This picture, of course, remains the copyright of its author.

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