Tuesday 2 October 2012

Tuesday Ten

Ten Thoughts During a Spinning Class

1. (Before) I really, really do not want to go spinning. I haven't been for a month and it is definitely going to hurt.

2. (On the way there) Oh dear, they might have run out of bikes. #pleaseletthemhaverunoutofbikes

3. (On arrival) Oh GOODY, bikes left. OK, I can do this. Why is the girl next to me wearing so much blusher? Is this the 80s?

4. (During the first song) Hmm, this is not as hard as I remembered. I am keeping up! I am not dying!

5. (During the third song) I'm euphoric! Wooooooooo! Why did I stay away for so long?! This is amazing!

6. (During the fifth song) Wow, this one is quick. My legs hurt a bit now. I just managed to go over on my ankle but I dare not stop to tighten the cages. Maybe I should get cleats. Oh good grief, more jumps.

7. (During the sixth song) OK, well it was nice while it lasted. I kept up for a lot of it.


9. (During the actual last song) It's not good telling me to give it all I've got. I gave it all I had last song. There is nothing left. I am spent.

10. (On stretching) Why do you always put the light on while we stretch? Can you not see I am best viewed in semi-darkness while in this state? And you, with your leg up on the bike for the calf stretch, stop being so pretentious. Put your foot on the floor and bend over more.

First class back since August and actually, on the whole, it was easier than I expected. Those very sporadic runs and all the squats with the 30kg bar must be paying off. Totally training for Rio.

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