Monday 8 October 2012

Goals for October

I really should make an effort to do these before the month is a week finished.
  • Complete a run/walk effort of at least 7 miles
  • Attend 8 classes at the leisure centre (got to make that membership work for me!)
  • Begin knitting Christmas jumper for Parpy Jo's son
  • Finish first sock, cast on for second sock
  • Knit at least one of a pair of mittens that I can wear whilst driving (people seem baffled by my intention to drive in the thrummed mittens so perhaps I had better have something thinner)
  • Plan and deliver a kick-arse set of assemblies based on David Rudisha being an inspiration
  • Create a draft outline of what I'm delivering at that session I have to deliver on outstanding lessons next month, that is looming much too fast
  • Be absolutely amazing at skiing...I am off to Tignes in two and half weeks
That's quite a lot, but half term is coming up and if I'm not going to succeed I would prefer to fail at a big list than fail at a small one, like I did last month.

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