Tuesday 30 October 2012

Tuesday Ten

I must admit that I have been struggling to regularly come up with a topic for my Tuesday Tens. I feel there are a finite number of times you want to read about things I want or random things I am thinking. However, time is ticking by and I am not going to make 127 posts for the year* by not writing anything at all.

I found this blog, Artsyville, through Sally - a handy "List It Tuesday" prompt that I am shamelessly stealing for the purposes of Tuesday Tenning, assuming I can't find something else to talk about.

Ten Little Jobs I Should Just DO

1. Put the cardboard outside for recycling. It makes the house look so messy.
2. Clean out the fruit drawer.
3. Replace the plastic screen protector on my phone.
4. Mark those last 7 assessments.
5. Take down Mr Z's birthday cards.
6. And dust underneath where they were.
7. Clean out the fridge.
8. Pick up that book I requested from the library.
9. Pay off that credit card - the money has been sitting in my account since August!
10. Order some more protein powder.

With thanks to Aimee, proprieter of Artsyville, and fingers crossed you have weathered Hurricane Sandy.

* Truthfully, even though I set a NY resolution of more than 127, I can't resist hitting the same number four years in a row.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to List-It! And I do also have a book to pick up at the Library. (Every blog I look at gives me another idea)
Best of luck with these ; )

Tracey FK said...

Great list and glad you found list it Tuesdays... funny how many people need to clean out the fridge... it is about the only domestic chore I keep up with... I am complete rubbish at everything else...xx

Sally said...

Thanks for the support - I have done 7 of the things on the list now. It was very motivational!

=Z= said...

My Cards :(

storybeader said...

great quick fixes! Looks like they are doable. I have a blog post goal too - 1000 by the end of the year. But that includes 5 years! {:-Deb