Tuesday 4 January 2011

Tuesday Ten

Ten things that are different from last year

1. I am an avid Twitter user.
2. I regularly part my hair in a deep side parting.
3. I drink more coffee.
4. I have a new filling.
5. I have a personal trainer.
6. I am a Google Certified Teacher.
7. I have a different car, following the sorry demise of Henry the Wondrous Car of Miracles. This car is red and I have called it Ginge.
8. I have a new computer, and thus spend a lot more time at it.
9. I now use a diary (app on my phone) instead of just remembering meetings/appointments. I have never been able to stick to this before but the new phone helps.
10. I know an awful lot more about geology. For example, I now know what a graptolite is.

So now, when people I haven't seen for ages ask me, "What's new?" I shall not say, "Oh, everything's much about the same" (although I like saying that because my Gran used to).


Christine E-E said...

this is so cool... I'm wondering what my list would look like???
ummm... food for thought!

junebug said...

I'm with you on the more twitter and more coffee. I guess I just went for more. :-)
Good for you on looking at what you have accomplished! I may need to try this.