Friday 7 January 2011


Christine said SIMPLICITY.

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most beautiful.

Poor old January is back. Everybody is so miserable waiting for a pay cheque, or some sunshine, or their health to return. I have been trying hard to enjoy January this week and have gone back to basics, so to speak - lots of exercise, early nights and simple, uncomplicated food, full of vegetables. As such, I have had a pretty good week. I feel like I must give January a fair crack because, with school starting so early in the month, there is an awful lot of it left to go.

Here are five favourite simple things from me:
1. Clean sheets on the bed. Sooooo easy.
2. Warm socks off the radiator.
3. A cool breeze on a really hot day (I was afraid my list would turn into all cold weather things for a minute there...)
4. Waking up and thinking it's Friday, but then realising it's actually Saturday (I fully intend to do this tomorrow)
5. Watching birds feed: they're so inventive. Like this blue tit, raiding the vent on my classroom window:

Go on over to Christine's blog to read some truly inspiring post from the record number of weekword participants this week.


V said...

Lovely pictures! Thank you for sharing those.

Hooray for clean sheets!

Christine E-E said...

stunning! is this ice crystals?
Yep - January seems long, but it sounds like you are treating yourself well! I need to eat more vegetables... fruits are no problem... & I'll have clean sheets in another hour... heavenly!

cath c said...

love the icy branches!

Sally said...

Amazingly - they're icy cobwebs! I am practising with the macro function on my camera ;)

bluerose said...

Wow, icy cobwebs?! How cool!

junebug said...

I love clean sheets, too. It gives me the warm fuzzy feeling down deep to slid into some nice fresh warm from the dryer sheets. :-)

Biomouse said...

I absolutely love your simplicity in action-especially the warm socks on the radiator! Your pictures are lovely as well, especially the cobwebs and the cute little bird butt!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! I love the cobwebs.