Friday 21 January 2011


Carmen cried, "MERCURIAL!"

Two of my favourite people came to watch me teach for a while this week (they are both fellow ski trippers who I love dearly) and complimented me afterwards on my quick wit, so I suppose I have proved a bit mercurial myself, this week. The kids almost never get it so I am usually just witty for my own benefit, like on days when I try and get as many quotes from Friends into my lessons as possible; although, thanks to the endless E4 repeats, they often spot those now.

I put mercurial in the same basket of words as hedonistic, probably incorrectly; but it does make me think of going out and having fun without thinking about tomorrow. I'm not very good at it. Case in point, when I was working on a small project with a colleague yesterday and he came up with a solution to the problem, I actually said, "Yes, but now let's think through the possible consequences of that...." This does tend to be an automatic reaction for me now, and it does sometimes suck the fun out of things. I have become the Very Worried Sparrow.

However, there are still some things I enjoy without fear of consequences, which are fun for the sake of being fun. Here are five of my favourites.

1. Singing along to the radio, loudly and with actions.
2. Playing endless games of cards, with wine. I like to win. Not money, though: that would involve consequences.
3. Champagne afternoon teas. Not enough alcohol to be an issue, early enough to get the bus home, and definitely very decadent. I took Mother Hand for one when she came to visit, and she was appreciative.
4. Going to bed early. Better than sleeping in, because it doesn't involve losing a morning. (I know this one makes me sound anicent and dull but I don't care. After all, it doesn't have to mean going to sleep straight away. Wink wink.)
5. Dancing. I love dancing, it always puts a smile on my face.

Looking forward to reading about some mercurial things out there over my coffee in the morning!


Christine E-E said...

always the teacher... sounds like you've got the kids under your thumb! & sneaking learning via trickery!
love your post.

John said...

What a fun post I think there would be quite a few people who would like your mercurial take on life. And you are so right, there are always consequences but sometimes they are good consequences.

b said...

Oh - I like everything on your list although I've not had the champagne teas.... Definitely sounds like something worth trying! And to bed early I definitely agree. Mornings are most precious!!

V said...

Champagne tea...sounds terrific! Especially with lots of choreographed loud singing. ;-)

Evelina said...

Oh does it make one ancient if one likes to go to bed early? How boring... I must be very old! I'm a morning person, my sleeping in means getting up around 8! :)

And I'm curious to hear more about Champagne afternoon teas, I have no clue to what that is! Sounds lovely.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Thank you for visiting me and leaving such a nice comment. I enjoyed your post, lots to think about. Yes! You are right about crocheting, it goes a lot faster than kniting.(-:

Biomouse said...

Endless games of card with wine sounds like a blast!! I also happen to enjoy early to bed early to rise as well, fuddy duddy that I can be. So glad you played this week!