Sunday 7 August 2011

Australia: week 1

Sadly no pictures, as I can't easily blog them from my phone, but updates nevertheless!

New this past week:
Finally, I have crossed the equator!
I have seen koalas, wallabies, (dead) kangaroos, an echidna, a seal and been near to some migrating whales. And that was before we visited Taronga zoo.
I have driven along the Great Ocean Road, learned it is a memorial to the soldiers who died in WW1, dipped my feet in the Great Southern Ocean, and gaped in awe at the 7 remaining Apostles.
I have enjoyed talking non-stop for almost 4 days with my lovely friend Beccy, who's been c fixture in my life since I was 12 and who made our road trip just amazing.
I have hiked to the edge of a cliff in the Blue Mountains.
I have eaten pies and discovered fixed cabins on caravan parks are amazing value for money.
I have drunk a lot of good Aussie wine (they sell the native stuff everywhere here, unlike in California). Pinot gris is a new grape to me but already a favourite.
I have watched Aussie rules football, and saw an NZ vs Aus rugby match in a pub.
I have photographed the Sydney opera house and bridge from the Manly ferry.
I have turned 33! And celebrated with the Antipodean contingent of the family.

You know there will be pictures...

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Biomouse said...

I cannot believe you are in Australia you lucky lucky girly! Wow, I'm looking forward to hearing more about it as the days go by :) I'm sure you are super busy, but wanted to encourage you if you have time to come play with us weekwording this week at my place-the word is Quixotic. Wishing you well!