Wednesday 31 August 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Kirsty over at Leopard Anchor came up with a brilliant idea to share pictures and crafts, and I think I am just in under the wire for August!

1. Inspiration
My inner geologist was twitching during my hike around King's Canyon - some very interesting sandstone formations there - but this tree really caught my imagination.

There are quite a few trees growing in the canyon, out of clefts of rock where there appears to be nothing but sand, let alone water and sustenance for a growing tree. This one was alone in its height, though. I admired its tenacity, because it must have survived an awful lot of whistling winds, stuck up there above everything else.

2. Something I Have Made
Difficult when I have just done a FO post. So, instead, I will post a picture of a recently modified FO in action (ironically, in the Blue Mountains)

I knitted this jumper last year but I wasn't happy with the neckline, which was droopy and had a couple of ties on it which I couldn't make look right. So I cut them off, hemmed the edges and botched a v-neck. MUCH happier with it now. It's a great piece for holidays because it's really warm but very light and squashes up very small.

3. Motifs: Birds
Someone I met on holiday said these birds (galaas - as in, "Ya great flamin' galaaaaa!") looked like flying roses. Very poetic! They are a lovely colour.

4. Supplies
I am trying really hard to knit up some stash but I visited a Jo Sharp yarn boutique in Cottesloe, near Perth, for their knitting group. If you're in one of my knitting groups, you will understand that I was unable to leave the shop without this.

5. Holidays
I have blog posts in the works about Australia, of course. It's just difficult to put it into words - there are so many I could say! But here is only of my favourite pictures from the trip. I was on the three-day camping tour I took to Uluru and other rocky delights. We'd got up at 5am to hike to Cotterill's Bridge in King's Canyon for the sunrise. It was totally worth it.

I love this idea! Can't wait for next month!


Lori said...
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Lori said...

Hi, I'm enjoying reading your blog. I popped over here to look at your crafty scavenger hunt photos. I love the cowl you knitted and the beret, they're gorgeous colours. I liked your posts about your trip to Australia - especially your extreme driving trip from Sydney to the Great Ocean Road. You're a great adventurer!

(sorry, i deleted previous post, then reposted what I meant to say!)