Saturday 13 August 2011

Australia: week 2

This week saw us decamp from our palatial surroundings at Circular Quay, Sydney, to a decidedly less comfortable hostel in Cairns. In the flight path, by a main road and inhabited by some extremely squawky birds, there was definitely a bit less sleeping going on, but we still got up to lots.

I saw a saltwater crocodile, basking on a mudflat, and a cassowary, the world's most dangerous bird, plus a snake (from a distance) and a field full of wallabies.
I snorkelled on the Great Barrier Reef and held some sea cucumbers, and had a staring match with some clownfish in an anemone.
I lamented not checking the battery on my underwater camera BEFORE going to the Barrier was dead.
I travelled up to the Daintree Rainforest, which is a World Heritage site on all 4 points (apparently the only other place that qualifies thus is Yellowstone, somewhere else I have been.
I have learnt about the mangrove and its sacrificial leaf.
I have swum in the Pacific - two Aussie coasts, done!
I have been rather ill and spent a lot of time sleeping (booo....)
I have discovered not all backpacker hostels offer single sex dorms.
I have flown into the Red Centre, ready for some walkabout.

I am also concerned my 30 mins of internet might expire before I can post this so here endeth the reminsiscing!

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