Saturday 13 August 2011

Weekword: Quixotic

Carmen over at Tales of a Biomouse picked this week's word, Quixotic, and it happened to coincide with half an hour of free web time at the Rock Tour, who are taking me on a walking tour of Uluru and assorted other rocks over the next few days.

At first I didn't know what to say about Quixotic. I just thought, "Tilting at windmills! Oh wait...what does that mean?" so I looked it up (trusty Kindle dictionary) and found out it means trying to achieve something overly ambitious. This struck a chord with me because last week, as detailed in my last blog post, my friend Bec and I managed to drive from Sydney to the further end of the Great Ocean Road, and back, in 4 days, in spite of pretty much everybody saying this could not be done. Even the car hire people were taken aback and suggested it was too far for so short a time, but we were not to be talked out of it. The roads were good and the weather fine, and we had a really good time.

I think it's always worth attempting seemingly unattainable things, especially when there is precedent - road trips around the western US have taught me how far is too far to attempt to drive in one day and I was pretty confident, and really keen to see it. Imagine if I'd flown all this way and hadn't done one of the things that was top of my list! I'd have been gutted. Dream big, people. Lots of people ridicule the big dreamers but, in the words of seemingly everyone in Australia, "It'll be right."

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