Thursday 11 August 2011

Wednesday Beauty: On the Beach

Beach beauty is all about the sun, and how to avoid too much damage. I am fair-skinned, so don't tan particularly well and have to know my limits when it comes to time in the sun. I hate products that feel greasy or don't seem to sink into the skin. Here's what I take/use:

Ambre Solaire Sun Oil SPF30. Obviously any sun protection is good sun protection, but I like this as I am quite pasty and it adds a good sheen. I have never burned whilst using it and it sinks in well and doesn't feel greasy. I also really like their new spray-on lotion which goes on clear, though I don't have any of that (yet).
I have what seems to be an unusual approach to sun screen. I never go down a factor. I know some people start high and work down to say, a 15; I work up. I used to go from 20 to 30, though now I start at 30. If my skin is already brown and therefore a bit damaged, I don't want to be giving it less protection!

Soltan Factor SPF50+ soft pack. Perfect for shoving in a pocket and this little pack is good for topping up face or other areas that are particularly exposed. If I am out all day I tend to add a layer of this during the hottest hours.

Ultrasun SPF 30 Facial Sunscreen. I use this instead of a moisturiser in the morning if I'm going to be out in the sun. Sinks in really well, not greasy and doesn't leave a residue.

Charles Worthington Sunshine Leave-in UV protection Spray. A new product for me, I have to admit - a hair sunscreen. I don't colour my hair or straighten it regularly but it is very long and the ends do get a bit frazzled in the heat so this, I hope, will counteract it. I'll use it on dry hair before and after swimming.

Deep conditioner sachets. I use to use John Frieda Beach Blonde hair oil when I was swimming but it's sadly discontinued now. Instead, once I am out of the sea or the pool and have rinsed my hair, I add a sachet of deep conditioner while sunbathing. The heat makes it work really well.
I don't really like Pantene but I had three of these in my samples bag and it seemed a waste not to use them!

Toner and wipes. Both for cooling down. Pictured: Eau Roma Water from Lush (again!) and cucumber wipes from Boots which are very soothing on hot skin. And, of course, a big hat to keep the sun off my head. This one's from Accessorise.

Aloe gel. I find this far more cooling and effective than an after sun cream, all of which feel greasy and counter-productive. I put this on as soon as I get out of the sun to draw the heat out of my skin. This is a spray aloe I picked up in the States.

Badger Bali Balm. I've sworn by this for many years and never come across anything that counteracts redness quite so well. Once my skin is clean, and cooled from the aloe, I put this on before bed. It's quite greasy but very effective. I burn easily, and so I always take this on holiday and use it even if my skin doesn't look particularly red. I have even used it on my face in the past.

Do you have any must-have beach products?

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