Sunday 8 January 2012

Weekword: Epiphany

Katy picked this week's word.

I've been having a bit of an epiphany of late. I've been working out very hard for the past few months, to be as fit as possible for skiing; and I am definitely much fitter. I really notice the difference in my stamina, in my shape and in my health. I was able to keep up with my ski friends - one head of PE, one whippet-fit cyclist and one marathon runner - just. I was pleased that all my efforts appeared to have paid of. This is definitely the fittest I've been in my adult life.

However, it's still hard. It still hurts, and I get very tired. I still get very out of breath and can't keep up with the runs in circuits or spinning. And here's my epiphany, depressing and apt for January - these things are never going to go away unless I lose some weight. I can be fit and healthy and work out five times a week, but as long as I'm carrying around all these extra pounds (and there are a LOT) I'm never going to be as fit as I want to be. I do like to think that, if I ever lose the weight, I will be superfit because I've been working out with all this additional resistance for so long....but this is small comfort!

Every year, though, I make resolutions to lose weight, and try and put things in place to make that goal achievable; it hasn't happened yet. I am severely lacking in whatever that final push is. I wonder what it will take? Perhaps this epiphany will be what it takes to make me put down the buttered toast.

Katy has picked Helen to choose next week's word, so pop on over on Monday if you'd like to play.

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