Monday 16 January 2012


This week's word is courtesy of Mr Z. His first effort was "pen" but I told him that wasn't good enough so we're going with his second choice, ultracrepidarianism. That's a link to the definition because I needed to look it up.

Being a teacher I'm going to do my favourite thing, and give you a suggestion for how to blog about this word which you can use if you're really stuck. I'd like to read some advice from you on a subject you know nothing about. I, for example, might blog about gardening, or raising children. Naturally you don't have to follow my suggestion!

Please leave a comment for me and I'll post a list of participants and my ultracrepidarianism on Friday.


Anonymous said...

Evil woman, I'm in!

Funky La La said...

I must be *looks up the biggest word I can find for it* psychoneurotic!

Anonymous said...

I've found a piece of writing so I'm in :)