Friday 27 January 2012

Weekword: Weather

Emma picked weather for this week.

There has been a lot of weather this week - too much, I have decided, as I got caught walking across London in the pouring rain on Tuesday, and watched the students screaming and running as the heavens dumped a healthy dose of hail out two minutes after the last bell went today. What I really wanted (of course) was some snow, because we've got a new boiler now and the heating works properly; and I could really do with a snow day or two to catch up.

But really, what the word made me think of was the old phrase, "It never rains but when it pours" - because it is pouring in my life at the moment, and has been for some time. I've never considered the phrase to be negative (but then, I find the word rain wholesome and comforting, somehow, in a homely way; so perhaps I am odd) and I like to have a lot going on but sometimes it feels like too much.

This has been prompted, today, by being offered a possible place as a lead learner at the next Google teacher thingie. This is a thing above and beyond excitement and I would fall over myself to say yes - but it's happening while I'm on the ski trip. ARGH!! This must be the only time ever I will be slightly disappointed to be going skiing. My life is a bounty of opportunities: I just wish I had time to take advantage of them all.

Please go and read the other entries this week, and look out for a new word from Carmen on Monday.

And don't expect me to be chattery for the next week or so because I am well and truly mired in exam board work. They replaced a team member who dropped out with TWO others so I am frantic. It never rains but...

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=Z= said...

Just ask Google to move the date...