Sunday 1 September 2013

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt: August

It has been so long since I participated in this. I have missed it! I started to worry while I was on holiday that it was my turn to pick topics but luckily that's a couple of months away yet and this month it was Rachie's turn. I expect you're thoroughly sick of hearing me rabbit on about my holiday by now, but since I spent most of August on said, holiday, unfortunately - here we go again.

Something I Made

Cheating a little with something Mr Z made, because I already wrote about my FOs this month. He likes to whittle. This was one of his early efforts during the trip - a tent peg tidy.


The colours at Lake Tahoe had me imagining a blousey, flowing summer top knitted with a dark blue top portion and a more aquatic bottom portion, flowing out of an empire waist. Something else to knit in my copious free time.


Stills from the footage I took on my GoPro when we went rafting on the Truckee River. It was an excellent birthday treat for me.


Being as how we were in California for a large part of August, it would have been rude not to partake of their wine. There was no repeat of the bizarre situation at Yosemite, where the camp shops carried exclusively Australian, French and South African wine (??!!!). The Cupcake chardonnay on the left was a bottle we ordered with dinner at the Caboose motel. I am not a fan of chardonnay because I don't really like oaked wines, but it was recommended on the menu and I couldn't resist the name. This was lovely - and better on the second glass (or mug, since I finished it at the next campsite).
The bottle on the right was a lovely pinot gris. I don't see pinot gris here (I haven't looked) but I have been quite a fan since my friend Beccy put me onto it during my trip to Australia.

Motif: Cameras

This one was pretty hard. I kept a look out for camera-print fabrics or pictures of cameras or some such thing, but I didn't see anything. I didn't really even have any pictures of Mr Z toting around our his DSLR, except for this one -

I took this at Lassen. You can't see him or the camera very well, but this is the best I can do! Sorry!

Thanks for picking such good topics this month, Rachie. 

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