Friday 20 September 2013

Weekend FO: Cream Caramel Cardi

LAST weekend, this is. I forgot that September would be so stupidly busy, between re-marks and writing jobs and, yknow, my actual job and that.

Cream Caramel Cardi
(With the same affected pose in every picture because I was too tired to get creative)


Pattern: Neaty by Marie Wallin
Yarn: Delicious, snuggly Rowan Cocoon, 6+2 balls
Needle: 6mm and 7mm
Mods: I knitted the sleeves in the round, two at a time, and I made them longer than suggested because I like a good long sleeve, especially when I'm typing a lot.


This was a really quick knit, being so chunky. I like the length and it's like a big, soft hug. Originally I had intended to put these buttons on it -


...which is king of why I called it Cream Caramel to begin with, because I think they look like caramels; but when it came to it, I liked the bronzed glass buttons better. I didn't have much agreement from the ladies I asked at the knitting meet I went to last weekend, but I thought, since it's me wearing it, I would just go with it.


Someone on Ravelry suggested wearing it backwards. I like this idea a lot. It might need a hook and eye or a popper to keep it from gaping between the top two buttons, though; or perhaps I should block it. That would probably be a good idea.


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