Tuesday 3 September 2013

Tuesday Ten

Ten New Year's Resolutions (school year, obvs)

1. Keep a tidier desk. That three-layered sorting tray I bought? Use it.

2. Organise teaching resources in filing cabinet. This is a huge job that will probably take all year. It is also slightly dependent on me acquiring a filing cabinet in which three out of four drawers are not broken.

3. Aim to leave school by 4pm at least two days a week.

4. Bottom set books: mark them every week.

5. Learn to do more swanky things on the interactive whiteboard (I learned a new one today, it is awesome).

6. Apply for all the jobs I see that I might be interested in.I could certainly do with the interview practice.

7. Remember that an hour in the gym means at least two more hours of productive work at the end of a day. Make a sign to remind self of this if necessary.

8. Make a big success of the whole-school project I am doing, WITH evidence, to help with future job applications.

9. Use my frees profitably. This is always easier to do when I am getting enough sleep, but I've made so many empty promises to myself about getting enough sleep that I can't make a single one more. I suppose the problem is, I don't really give myself any instruction on HOW to get more sleep.

10. Make more of an effort to wear my whole wardrobe. Jewellery and make up included. I really need to get some of the clothes out of the wardrobe first, though, and stash them somewhere else (things like sun dresses and skiing gear) because at the moment it's too packed for me to see everything. #firstworldproblem, I know.

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