Sunday 1 September 2013

Goals for September

New term, new goals....I am all filled with the motivation that only a new year can bring.Here's what I hope to achieve this month.

  • Stick to my new intended eating plan (I decided I'd give the Paleo diet a try since the sugar-free Lent seemed to suit me so well) 85% of the time
  • Use my gym membership 12 times (or
  • Get the new techs project baselining done
  • Start the new techs weekly sessions going
  • Launch and recruit some techie kids for the project
  • Finish knitting my big, squidgy, cream caramel cardigan
  • Start knitting the red Christmas jumper I have been planning for two years
  • Recruit a cleaner
  • Reorganise the wardrobe so I can actually see my clothes
  • Blog at least 15 times. One down!

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