Friday 20 September 2013

Fave Friday

This week - autumn.

I hear a lot of people say autumn is their favourite season and I don't think I could be decisive enough to agree; I like all the seasons, really, and it is the change in season that I especially like. Probably because I am quite fickle, it is nice to get something new happening.

Here are my favourite things about the change to autumn:
  • Getting the coats out (especially my new Boden spotty trench coat)
  • Accessing the cobwebby bits of the wardrobe again: thicker skirts and long sleeves
  • Soup. Especially pumpkin. It tastes at its best in autumn.
  • Making chutney. I have about a thousand apples in the boot of my car to do this this weekend.
  • BPAL spiced apple pumpkin perfume. Definitely a seasonal one for me. 
  • Autumn drinks in coffee shops - pumpkin spice soy misto FTW. Not paleo, but I'm sure I can sneak one in here and there, with the pumpkin loaf cake on the side.
  • Darker evenings. I quite like them.
  • Hundreds of dewy spider webs in the garden every morning.
  • The return of long hot baths. I definitely don't favour them in the summer, so it is nice to haul out the bath stash and make the most of it again.
  • When the tree outside the front door goes this colour and, during sunny Saturday afternoons, the light is reflected all through the hallway.

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