Sunday 6 October 2013

September Goals Round up

Stick to my new intended eating plan (I decided I'd give the Paleo diet a try since the sugar-free Lent seemed to suit me so well) 85% of the time
I am going to say yes to this. I have found it quite easy to stick to and it doesn't feel like a chore to eat tonnes of lovely fresh veggies and meat and fish. Thanks to sticking to it for a month my tastes have already changed - yesterday I had a slice of bread and butter for lunch and the butter just tasted of salt.  I'm definitely going to keep going with this one.

Use my gym membership 12 times 

Well, no. I used my gym membership 7 times, which means I paid £5 per visit - not too bad. I did, however, visit other classes/saw my PT 8 times through the month, for 15 exercise sessions in total. Not too shabby considering how busy I have been. No wonder I haven't had much blogging time.

Get the new techs project baselining done
No. It has just been manic this term so far - I can't believe five weeks have passed, because I have achieved nothing. I blame the re-marks, of which there were 35% more than normal, and the app-writing. All my school time is spent marking and planning lessons so that I don't have to do any of that at home.

Start the new techs weekly sessions going
Yes - well, I did one so far. It was not very well attended. I hope next week's will go better.

Launch and recruit some techie kids for the project
No, but I did get as far as talking another staff member into helping me.

Finish knitting my big, squidgy, cream caramel cardigan
Yes - see last blog post for far too many pictures of it.

Start knitting the red Christmas jumper I have been planning for two years
Yes, this is about half done now. Oh, how I love bulky weight yarn.

Recruit a cleaner
I found a number. I rang and left a message. They didn't ring back. So - not totally my fault!

Reorganise the wardrobe so I can actually see my clothes.
Sort of - I have taken out a lot of summer clothes and dresses I only wear occasionally. I still need to make a visit to Ikea to buy some storage boxes so I can put things like fancy dress clothes and ski wear in the loft. 

Blog at least 15 times. One down!
Only managed eight. Sadface. I had many good intentions. I am blaming the re-marks, again. 

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