Monday 21 October 2013

Weekend WIP

I keep finishing things and then surprising myself with my choice of next project. I really thought my next one would be Hannah Fettig's ribbed cardigan (yes, there are adult sizes) in my neglected Lorna's Laces Peppermint Mocha, because somebody bought me the pattern earlier this year and I wound the wool and everything.

But then, when it came to it and the snowman jumper was finished and blocked (more on that disaster at a later date) I wanted something that sang of summer, so I hauled out some of the yarn I bought at Wonderwool and I started knitting a retro sixties style jumper from Wendy Bernard's Custom Knits. I am calling it Lassen Lake, because the colours remind me of a lake we visited there in the summer.

Neither picture does the colour justice, of course.

Between this and the pink linen top I am in danger of knitting up everything I bought at this year's Wonderwool before next year's Wonderwool. Better not plan any projects with it though, or it will never happen.

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