Sunday 6 October 2013

Goals for October

It felt like summer today, not October; but then as it started getting dark the air smelled like bonfires rather than barbecues and I could believe autumn was really here.

Here are my October goals:
  • Go to the gym/a class/some exercise thing more than 15 times (thus beating September's total)
  • Lose 10lbs
  • Finish the Christmas jumper, aka "don't let the colourwork put you off"
  • Make a start on something else - gloves or socks or some kind of Christmassy thing. I have it in mind to knit the wreath from the latest Debbie Bliss magazine, and I want to make some more Yule trees
  • Do grandaughter duty, by phone or in person
  • Clear out the spare room
  • Visit Ikea for boxes and possible a sofa bed
  • Something worky...hmm. The stuff from last month will defo have to be done this month so it feels like cheating to put it on there. Instead - plan the New Exciting Project I have conceived; find some sixth formers to run it and do the paperwork

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