Monday 14 October 2013

Weekend FO

Snowmen Jumper

Yarn: Rowan Soft Tweed and Cocoon
Needle: 6mm

I made the pattern up myself, and it went much better than I expected. I was worried it was too small, too big, too short....but it turned out lovely. I didn't want sleeves because it's bulky weight and I don't want it to be too hot to wear, but I do still have two balls of the tweed left so I might change my mind on that.

(This might be the best value yarn purchase I ever made - I bought 20 balls from Jimmy Beans in the sale at $3.50/ball and it has done me two garments).

Next time I would distribute the shaping evenly across the row rather than concentrating it all at the sides, probably do a bit less shaping (my hips are wid but not that wide) and I would decrease less on the neckline. I wanted a wider neck, really, but what I have ended up with is something just big enough to pull over my head. Really I should rip it back but I am going to see how it wears first and I will keep it as is as long as it doesn't stop me from wearing it.

I especially like the candy cane bind off. I thought that was an inspired way to finish it.


I might buy some decorations and make one of the snowmen more snowmanish - a carrot nose, some black bead buttons and eyes, and maybe a little sparkly scarf knitted from leftover sock yarn. I thought one like this would be enough as I don't want to make it too twee. But for now it's going into the FO pile.

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