Monday 28 October 2013

Weekend WIP

Work on Lassen Lake continues apace.

In the pattern she says it's a quick knit, and she's not wrong. It's very motivational to see it growing out from the sleeves; at the start of the weekend I was maybe an inch lower than the collar and now I am starting the waist increases. If I hadn't added an extra 10 rows to the body I would be on the bottom band. Damn long body.

Any fears I had about running out of yarn are also totally unfounded; granted I am knitting from two balls since the colour is not especially even across the skeins (especially in the last ball where there are some very pale sections) but I think I will get the whole body out of three skeins, leaving me with an ample two for the sleeves.

Loving being on half term and not having anywhere to go! Other than this, my only other achievements today have been watching the last four episodes of The Returned, having a two hour nap and going to circuits. I am full of win.

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