Tuesday 15 October 2013

Tuesday Ten

Ten Things from the Weekend 
(They're supposed to be fun things, I think, but I didn't get up to much this weekend so it is just going to be things)

1. On Friday night I went to a Pampered Chef party. I drank wine out of a beaker. A lot of wine - it was a large beaker. It was the only way to get through women extolling the virtues of various bits of kitchen equipment - while I am willing to believe some of it was really helpful I struggled to believe that any of it was actually life changing.

2. I learned of the existence of a dual-purpose punch bowl slash cake stand. Amazing. Still not life changing, but very cool. I never make punch and cake is never around for long enough to require a stand, but I'm sure I need one anyway.

3. I found the bath products shop in Bradford on Avon and bought a new shower cap. Way more exciting than it sounds. It's a very frou frou shower cap in cherry print fabric with a big red bow on it.

4. I napped on BOTH days.

5. I did absolutely no work. Woooooo hoooooo!

6. I read three new knitting magazines and finished knitting a jumper.

7. I went swimming. There is a little Asian guy who goes to the pool at the same time as me and made me laugh by explaining that he switched from a white swim cap to a black one because he's a Muslim, and some Muslims wear the little white hats and he doesn't want people to think he is THAT kind of Muslim. I laughed a lot at that.

8. I discovered a new tea from Pukka. It is three cinnamon. It is really tasty and very sweet considering it hasn't got any sugar in it.

9. I went to an aerobics class. It was a bit dull - lots of grapevines and knee lifts and so on, and when it came to the resistance band bit the instructor tried to make me use the easy band when I picked up the hard one, which was awkward. But I went - that was exercise number 8 for October. Well done me.

10. Did I mention the naps? I really did have the whole weekend as a lazy break. I really needed it. Eight week terms and two additional jobs on the side (both finished now, phew) and an Ofsted visit are not a happy cocktail. They just make one require a happy cocktail.

There are stories of much more exciting weekends at Carole's blog if you fancy it.

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