Tuesday 8 October 2013

Tuesday Ten

I miss doing a regular Tuesday Ten but I fear, now that I have reached over 100 posts with the tag, I am fast running out of things to list. I could come back every week and do "10 things on my mind" or "10 things I'm looking forward to" but, meh. I miss the prompts from Artsyville. I see she now does Glue It Tuedays and I did do some gluing today but it was on a work thing and although I am very pleased with it, it's not really fodder for this blog. Of course, I think it's fascinating to find out what our local infants' school is doing to improve writing, and you might too; but then I'd start feeling the pressure to glue something every Tuesday and most Tuesdays I just want to watch Bake Off and knit, you know?


So, I was casting around online looking for inspiration and I found a new group doing a list prompt, so I am going to neb in on that and getting listing. 'Cept, this week's prompt is Ten Ways You Are Embracing Autumn. That's a bit too much like that post from a couple of weeks ago.

What is a girl to do!

Steal an old idea, of course.

Ten Things I Love About Where I Live (and we're not being too specific here about where, as you'll see)

1. I live at the end of a cul de sac. It is quiet and peaceful and we have off street parking.
2. There's lots of nature nearby, but not too near. Like, I can go walking in some dewy fields but the place never smells of muck-spreading, of which the same cannot be said about where I work.
3. Air balloons go overhead quite regularly. During the Balloon Fiesta we gets dozens in the space of a few hours.
4. The weather in the southwest is typically milder and wetter than the rest of the country (according to the geography textbooks I teach from, anyway). This suits me.
5. From my back bedroom window you can see hills and it is a lovely view, especially with a sunrise behind them.
6. Bristol is just great. There's so much going on and it's all so different. I love this blog post about it.
7. My commute to work is across fields and along rivers and through woods, the last of which smells gently of wild garlic for most of the sunny months of the year (though a good tramp around in said woods one Saturday afternoon yielded no wild garlic and one bleeding ankle).
8. The local centre, aka the 'wood, has everything one could need (except a butcher since it burnt down but I'm trying not to dwell on that too much).
9.  There's lots of history to this place and it's still causing regular debate. I like a place that is argumentative about its history. Naturally I adore Portsmouth as my town of birth but it's a little bit smug with its pretty ships and chunky walls and internationally famous D Day Museum. Bristol history is not smug.
10. The cuisine. Pieminister and Hobbs House and lashings and lashings of cider. Well, it was a toss up between that and the accent.

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