Tuesday 29 October 2013

Tuesday Ten

Great timing, for half term...

Ten Things I Love To Do On An Extra Day Off

1. Sleep. Definitely in my top one. I could always do with a little extra sleep and if it's a bonus day off, I don't need to feel guilty about taking a daytime nap, or sleeping in.

2. Knit. Endlessly.

3. Make chutney. This is usually my favourite thing to do in October half term. I haven't done it yet this week, but I have all the ingredients ready to go. On a day when it's not autumn this might say, instead, "make cakes".

4. Drink gin. When a fellow teacher told me she was taking eight sets of books home to mark because she had nothing better to do over the holiday, I advised her to develop a gin habit. She laughed. I wasn't joking, though.*

5. Reorganise and gloat over my stash, like Smaug sitting on his huge pile of gold and gems.

6. Watch films I have already seen before, that therefore take no mental effort. Today, for example, I watched Angels and Demons.

7. Have a long daytime bath.

8. Go and see a friend for lunch and/or coffee. I am doing that four times this week.

9. Go and catch an unusual class at the gym. It's a whole different set of gym users during the day rather than the gossipy clique who frequent it during the evening, and there are all sorts of fancy classes that sound really fun until you do them and then you can't stand up straight for two days, yes I mean YOU, Fitball.

10. Go to the cinema on my own. I haven't done this for a very long time now, but it used to be that I'd go to the gym early and catch a film before 11am, when it was a little cheaper. Hmm, what's on? Maybe I'll do that on Friday.

List prompt from Carole, as usual.

* Alright, joking a bit.

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