Tuesday 17 May 2016

Tuesday Ten

Carole's Tuesday Ten this week is about things you would do for new mothers, but since my gift ideas for new mothers run to tequila and ear plugs, I thought I would adapt an old one from Christmas.

Ten things I will do when all this term's work is done

1. Have a clear out. I tidied, cleaned and reorganised my desk last weekend (when I was up to my eyes in Y13 coursework) and now I feel motivated to tackle some other areas. Also a little bit concerned about the amount of stuff I am going to be bringing home with me from my classroom when I move schools this summer. Room is needed ... as in, a room.

2. Read something that isn't about the Tudors. Maybe even a magazine.

3. Take afternoon naps and get early nights. Old person stuff.

4. Get the bike out, pump the tyres up, go for one ride and then put it back in the garage for probably another two years.

5. Go to a coffee shop and drink coffee and chat, rather than drink coffee and mark.

6. Chart the Wonder Woman jumper intarsia.

7. Make Tutt play squash with me. I can't even remember the last time we played squash. She has a sore toe but she could just stand there while I moved around her like a very slow, sweaty and unfit ninja.

8. Pore over travel guides to plan our 10th wedding anniversary holiday in July. Ten years, eh? Blimey.

9. Knit everything. Well, some things. OK, a thing. Partially.

10. Undoubtedly none of the above as I will probably just remember another few jobs I have forgotten to do. Mutter.

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