Tuesday 31 May 2016

Tuesday Ten

Catching up with Carole this week,

Ten things I did at the weekend

1. Went to Dyrham Park with Mother Hand. We walked down to the shop/cafe and then back up the hill this time, instead of getting the bus back like I did with Tutt when we went last month (she had a sore toe).

2. Off the back of that, I joined the National Trust. Excited about all the places I can now visit for free.

3. I also managed to pick up some light sunburn on this expedition. Wasn't the weather glorious? I had sun cream with me too, but I didn't really clock how hot it was.

4. Went to a geeky barbecue for the IT teacher at work, Luke. We admired his cabinet full of Lego, ate cake and discussed Game of Thrones, which I had just caught up on. His mum played us the accordion. It was fun.

5. Took naps. One particularly memorable one lasted for two hours on Monday afternoon. Utter bliss.

6. Finished the first colour stripe on the linen. I have added a further repeat today but my hand has started to get a bit sore. I attribute this to small needles, splitty yarn and my tendency to grip things too tightly when I'm not really thinking about it. I love the way the colours are melding together so far, though.

7. Charted some of the Wonder Woman jumper - the yellow and red for the front. Now I just need to chart the stars on the back. I am toying with the idea of just using a top-down raglan recipe, rather than springing for the pattern used in the original I admire so much; the pattern is quite expensive. It might make things easier, I suppose. Should see if I can get gauge in the yarn before purchasing, though, as it's written for worsted and the yarn I have is DK.

8. Completed a piece of work that was pressing. It was quite enjoyable: I was asked to contribute to a periodical. This is always a little nerve-racking as the style is very formal. In the end I just wrote it like a blog post, albeit with slightly more attention to grammar, more long words and references. It went down well. Not too many tweaks to make.

9. Cleared out one drawer of my chest of drawers. It's a depressing fact that most of the clothes I actually wear never get put away, since my storage is stuffed full of clothes I don't wear. I know, ridiculous. I need to do some more weeding this week.

10. Generally just enjoyed being at home with nothing desperate that needed doing. This is my first holiday without a school commitment in it since Christmas, and my first holiday at home for a year. I'm enjoying the novelty.

Hope you all had lovely weekends also.

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