Sunday 22 May 2016

Weekend WIP

I spent this weekend in Sheffield and packed hexagon materials plus the carefully wound linen with me to take. It was a bit of a lost weekend - a conference on Saturday, but other than that, just me and my very nice hotel room. And spa. Jen was busy with her own course. Mother Hand was going to come and then realised she also had a conference. So I had a hermit's weekend, and feel all the better for it. A lot of sleep happened.

Much as I felt obligated to cast on the linen, I have become somewhat addicted to the hexagons.

These mark the end of the already-wound skein of Georgetown. I had forgotten how obsessed I am with this colourway. It's totally not something I would normally choose - I prefer strong colours over pastels, in case you hadn't noticed - but I just love it.

Anyway, when I got home I finally bit the bullet and cast on the linen, so that might be it for hexagons for a while. I thought what I should do is make the hexagons a non-negotiable between other projects: must knit one skein of hexagons before casting on for something new. Then I might have a blanket by the end of the decade, if I'm lucky. I have 12 now. That's almost 10%.

But I might have spotted some L&L in destash in a colourway I don't already have.

And if we're admitting things, I might have gone onto the Lorna's Laces website and discovered at least half a dozen blue colourways I never knew existed. 

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