Monday 9 May 2016

Weekend WIP

I have wound the linen for the next garment, but for some reason I am not currently feeling it. I think it's because I would still prefer to find a different pattern. I need to get over it and get started as I have a long train journey coming up and will need something to knit during that.

In the interim, I have been knitting pinwheels this weekend.

I knitted two more, which meant I got five out of the first skein and about 10cm of the second skein that I needed to complete my bind off. This is interesting as it means I am knitting them tighter than I did in 2009 when I made them for a shawl; back then I could only get 4 and a half out of a skein.

This means that the blanket might end up considerably larger than I first thought. Indeed, when I counted up on Ravelry last night, I realised I had 28 skeins of Lion & Lamb stashed towards pinwheels, plus the two I have made inroads into for these. That would make 150 pinwheels if I was frugal.

So, I think I will aim for four pinwheels out of the single skeins and nine out of the double skeins which would give me 127 pinwheels and enough left over from each of the 18 colourways to make a very eye-catching clapotis. 127 pinwheels would probably do two blankets and then I could have one for blues with a hint of green and one for blues with a hint of purple. Maybe.

This is all academic. In two years I've knitted six pinwheels. At this rate I will have knitted them all up by 2058; but then I'll have to do the sewing up so this project seems unlikely to be finished in my lifetime.

I do enjoy making them, though. The colours in this iteration (Bated Breath) are just stunning. Here it is with all the magic an adjustment of brightness/contrast can muster.

That mallard green is my favourite in it, I think.

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