Monday 6 June 2016

Blue Monday

Another throwback to Lisbon in 2013, from the aquarium. This is still the backdrop to my iPad. These shots never come out as well as I hope and this one isn't perfect but I was pretty pleased with it.

Today was my last first day of term at my school. It is my 78th first day of term there. The grounds crew were in cutting the grass again, striding under my open windows with their ear plugs and their stinking petrol strimmer, then following up with the sit-on mower like my classroom is not a place where teaching occurs. And that happens on a weekly basis now it's the summer term. I love being in a mobile classroom BUT I am not going to miss that.

I need a bonus underwater picture, just thinking about it.

I bet that wretched strimmer would be quiet under here.

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