Friday 24 June 2016

Scenes from the Classroom #21

Feeling pretty fed up at the referendum news today; I am trying hard to see it as a win for democracy and how over 17 million people are happy with the result, but members of my family are being vile about it on Facebook and that makes it significantly less ok. Meh. This too will pass.

The mood was bleak in school, among the staff, which was juxtaposed with the student body who were pretty happy. This is the town that, on Thursday, hung an enormous (visible for miles) "Vote Leave" banner from their significant local landmark, so that just explains that. One girl said she had been rudely awakened in the morning by her mum whooping in joy. Unlike my neighbours, who were probably rudely awakened by me howling, "NOOOOOOOO" as my alarm went of at 6am and Radio 4 informed me that the vote had gone leave and sterling had fallen to a 30 year low. There aren't many worse wake ups I can remember. As a Facebook friend said, I'm not sure how many more times I can vote and then wake up to a dystopian nightmare the next morning.

Not to be hyperbolic or anything.

Even the relatively good news about Cameron's resignation was spoiled, when he walked out of Number 10 at exactly the same moment that the senior leadership team walked into the staffroom to begin briefing. Tim had been watching on his laptop for 40 minutes, waiting. He was not best pleased. We surreptitiously checked our phones until the news broke. Then an unpopular teacher strode in late, put his hand up and announced the resignation in briefing. Silence. Tumbleweed.

Anyway, some very funny kid things that were said...

C: I am very upset. You know what this means? No more Magic Stars.
Me: Er....I think you will still be able to buy Magic Stars C.
C: No, no, it says on the packet, not to be sold outside the EU!
Me: Well. It will take a while so you can stock up.

And then this, when I told my year 10 class that Cameron had resigned...

K: Wait. But one of the people who might be our next Prime Minister is that bloke that ruined education, isn't it?
Me: Er...Gove, yes. Well, maybe. I mean, he is in the frame.
K: So you're telling me that the man who ruined my education might end up being the leader of this entire country?
Me: (small voice) Yes.

Kids are still kids.

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